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Application form for in-year admissions

(outside the normal school transfer age)

If your child currently attends a school in Newcastle do not complete this form, you need to obtain a form from your child’s current school.

This form is only for students who are new to Newcastle for example moving from another Local Authority or arriving from overseas 


Some of the information asked for in this form is used solely for the purpose of identifying if your child should be considered for a school place under Newcastle’s Fair Access Protocol, and to ensure that any support required at their new school can be put in place. It will not be used to make the decision about whether or not to offer your child a place if the application does not trigger the Fair Access Protocol. For more information and guidance on completing this form, including an evidence checklist, see www.newcastle.gov.uk/admissions 

Does your child currently attend a Newcastle school? *
Does your child currently attend a Newcastle school?
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